Bahamas: reopening of Club Med Colombus

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San Salvador, a paradise island

Located to the east of the archipelago, Club Med Columbus is in San Salvador, one of the smallest islands in the Bahamas. In the middle of a turquoise sea, this jewel is a dream destination to relax and disconnect.

The island of San Salvador is the top of a submerged mountain, offering miles of sandy beaches, coconut trees, as well as rolling hills. It is also a paradise for lovers of water sports, fishing and diving. Its more than 50 dive sites are among the best in the world, thanks to the incredible underwater life of the surrounding waters. The dive sites are accessible to beginners and experienced divers and allow you to admire reefs, wrecks and sharks.

Also known as “the land of lakes”, San Salvador has many bodies of water including, in the center, the Great Lake, nestled in a national park home to iguanas and many species of birds, which connects the main inhabited areas from the island. Watling’s saltwater Blue Hole, located to the west of the island, is also worth a visit.

Travelers looking for cultural experiences can also head to Long Bay Beach, where a stone cross commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World, when he landed in San Salvador on October 12, 1492.

Club Med Columbus, an upscale resort reimagined

Present on the small island of Salvador since 1992, Club Med Colombus invites lovers of water sports, diving, or relaxation to discover the authentic sweetness of life in the Bahamas. Conducive to disconnection, this upscale all-inclusive resort welcomes couples and friends in its 236 rooms, located in buildings with vibrant colors of local inspiration, with, for the most part, a view overlooking the turquoise waters.

Over the past two years, this resort of two-story bungalows, nestled along a long stretch of white-sand beach and surrounded by palm trees, has reinvented itself to offer travelers an even better experience of a mind-free vacation. .

New flavors

The Pinta, the elegant beach restaurant with stunning ocean views, peaceful by day and sophisticated by night, showcases new Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a Bahamian twist of fresh seafood. Its wine cellar offers top-of-the-range spirits à la carte. Christopher’sthe main restaurant located in the heart of the resort, offers international cuisine, with new vegan dishes developed following training led by celebrity vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli.

Live adventures in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas

Water sports enthusiasts are not left out. Indeed, in addition to sailing, water skiing, kayaking and paddleboarding, new snorkeling and scuba diving activities are available. The island of San Salvador is famous for the beauty of its corals and its flora, as well as for the visibility of its crystal clear waters (average of 30 meters). More than 35 sites are accessible around the resort, which offers new and unique experiences for observing marine life and colorful corals. Sunset dives, private boat trips for group diving, courses to obtain PADI certification and snorkeling are offered at the dive center in partnership with Only Blue Diving,

Travelers can also take advantage of an exclusive direct Club Med flight operated by Air Caraïbes from Paris to the island of San Salvador.

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