B2B: Tunisair adopts 3 advanced solutions from Amadeus

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The airline company Tunisair embarks on a “redesign of its sales experience” as its regional presence grows, adopting three solutions from Amadeus in order to offer passengers a complete personalized offer

The Tunisian national company, based at the airport of Tunis-Carthageannounced on July 7, 2023 the signing of a new agreement with Amadeus to provide “ the best possible service to passengers “, and improve the sales experience ” both for passengers and travel agents “. In addition to 30 Amadeus-solutions currently deployed by Tunisair, the expanded partnership includes three new key deployments:

Amadeus Revenue Management will help Tunisair “ to make more relevant and client-centric decisions. The company will be able to offer a personalized experience, presenting customers with products adapted to their needs. “.

Amadeus Group Manager offers the airline and travel agents “ an easy way to serve groups, with full automation that syncs revenue management strategy with dynamic pricing adjustments “.

Tunisair has also chosen the Loyalty Community Platform to manage its loyalty program, Fidelys. ” By collecting customer preferences, the solution will enable better customer service, while increasing revenue, traveler experience and loyalty “.

Khaled Chelly, CEO of Tunisair, said in a statement: Tunisair is focused on improving the customer journey and today we have expanded our relationship with Amadeus as we accelerate the transformation of our retail experience. The new solutions contained in the renewal of our partnership will allow us to offer personalized services and seamless experiences, to manage disruptions efficiently and with minimum impact for the traveler. “.

According to Christophe Roux, Senior Vice President Airlines, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, “ Tunisair operates in a competitive market and strives to differentiate its offer through a clear strategy aimed at providing the best possible customer experience. At Amadeus, our technology is designed to spark more connected and traveler-centric ways of thinking. With this extended agreement, Tunisair is poised to become a more forward-looking, innovative and industry-leading airline. “.

“Tunisia is a successful destination this summer. Tunisair is modernizing. Transavia pulls out of the game, as often…because its programming is almost always judicious”, analyzes the support and quality service of the Degriff.com flight declawer.

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