B2B: eDreams Odigeo no longer sells 15 airlines

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The online travel agency eDreams ODIGEO strengthens its measures to protect travelers faced with disruptions affecting airlines and airports, by stop selling plane tickets of 15 carriers “who have systematically defaulted on their repayment obligations to consumers”.

Currently according to its press release, eDreams ODIGEO is processing prepayments worth 15 million euros per yearand “plans to expand this initiative, reducing the average wait time to just four days (below the seven-day period required by the airlines)”. The company is working with key bodies, such as the European Commission and national civil aviation authorities, to request a stricter enforcement passenger regulations, “and the creation of a guarantee fund against airline bankruptcies”.

The “proactive measures” announced on July 18, 2023 to protect consumers focus on three main areas: the use of technology to deliver exceptional customer service, improving the financial protection consumers and the defense of consumer rights with key regulatory bodies.

While several airlines have improved their refund times, there is still “a group of carriers that do not respect the established deadlines”: eDreams ODIGEO has therefore decided to stop selling tickets for 15 airlines (not detailed) who have “systematically defaulted on their reimbursement obligations to consumers. The company is mobilizing to actively collect refunds on behalf of its customers, and has communicated these measures during “constructive dialogues” with the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities (CPC network).

eDreams ODIGEO therefore undertakes to repay quickly his clients. When airlines offer automatic refunds, the company passes them on to travelers “within hours.” If the airlines do not offer prompt refunds, the company “will do everything possible to recover the funds and refund them quickly. She will continue to advocate for the reactivation of automatic refunds by all airlines, to ensure prompt refunds for customers. Additionally, the company will expand prepayments for trusted airlines, reducing the average wait time to just 4 days.”

Dana Dunne, CEO of eDreams ODIGEO said: “ Our customers have always been the driving force behind everything we do. Today, we are proud to announce a comprehensive set of measures that will reinforce our robust response to the pandemic to further reassure travelers who book with us. Our goal is to ensure that our customers feel supported and accompanied throughout their journey, especially in the event of a mains disruption. As advocates for our customers, we recognize the crucial role online travel agencies like eDreams ODIGEO play in representing consumer interests to key industry stakeholders. As the world’s largest player in the sale of flights, excluding China, we will continue to leverage our position to deliver significant new advancements for consumers in our industry. “.

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