Axel Mazerolles: from FTI to Tested4You

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From now on, the whole tourism profession has learned that our friend Axel Mazerolles had left FTI France. It is Ludovic Rigel, former administrative and financial director, who takes the helm of FTI Voyages in France. Axel had prepared the rest of his professional career by creating a mobile application Tested4you. We tell you about it!

An application born in 2021

Tested4you follows trends like those of TikTok, that is, those of short video. On the other hand, the most important thing is customer reviews: sharing experiences and advice in the form of short and authentic videos.

An adventure that germinated during a trip to Egypt

On a trip to Egypt, Axel Mazerolles discovers a typical Egyptian hotel with green nature, with a magnificent view overlooking the sea. He would like to be able to share this beautiful authentic experience, on a dedicated platform in order to promote this hotel and this unique moment. This is how the adventure of tested4you began.

35% of customer reviews are false, according to Alex

Following a study carried out by the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Repression of Fraud) in 2019 showing that a third of opinions on the internet are false, the French application wanted to change the trend and bring a concrete response to consumers. The idea was therefore to launch a comment application on all possible products, stores: travel, florists, etc. This time on the application we can directly see the user’s opinion in a short video.

Tested4you, a French mobile application

Indeed, tested4you is a French mobile application that allows you to share your experiences and give your advice in the form of short and authentic videos. Filmed live from the application, the videos are without filter, without music and without editing. They can be carried out daily during a meal in a restaurant, a moment at a hairdresser, a discovery of a cosmetic product, etc. In order to emphasize authenticity, people will have to geolocate themselves if they are in a place or an establishment, or tag a brand.

“Our customers are our best publicity”
And yes, it also works for tested4you: Pascal Mora, our best user has exceeded 1,000 videos published on the application and surprised us with this beautiful video!

Tested4you launched in November 2021

Axel Mazerolles, founder of tested4you has more than 20 years of experience in tourism and digital. He began his career with positions of high responsibility at,, Kelkoo and Yahoo!. He then became Managing Director of Travelzoo, for which he received the Award of Excellence in 2007. He then joined the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs group as International Sales Director. He then took over the reins of FTI France in 2015 and transformed the French subsidiary into 5e tour operator in terms of growth.

(…) Airlines and Destinations has already mentioned this application launched by the former CEO of the tour operator FTI France on several occasions. This app is mainly aimed at holidaymakers who spend their holidays in clubs or hotels abroad or in France. Their opinions are not simple remarks written anonymously but by short videos. The vacationer can praise such service or complain about the dilapidation of a hotel by the image. From now on, Tested4you wants to put videos at the service of professionals. It would be better if the words were positive… (…)

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