Austrian Airlines takes off for Seville

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On Saturday October 14, 2023, just in time for the fall holidays, Austrian Airlines launched its new airline to Seville.

During the winter flight schedule, Austrian will serve the Andalusian capital on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with frequency increasing to three weekly flights in summer. Austrian Airlines guests can now experience the birthplace of flamenco directly from Vienna. In addition to the new destination Seville, Austrian Airlines also offers a contrasting option for the winter: from December, Austrian Airlines will serve the official hometown once a week of Santa Clausthe Finnish town of Rovaniemiand as part of the charter program, to the winter sports destination of Kittilä.

“Growing demand and our customers’ continued high interest in travel, both summer and winter, demonstrate their year-round desire for relaxation and sunshine. We have strategically expanded our winter flight schedule to include attractive tourist destinations to meet the travel wishes of our passengers. The new destinations in our winter flight program are diverse and contrasting, ensuring there is something for everyone. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of travel destinations”underlines Michael Trestl, CCO of Austrian Airlines.

Beyond flamenco, Seville has much more to offer: the Andalusian region tempts with numerous tourist attractions, including Granada, Cordoba and neighboring Gibraltar. Seville and Andalusia are not only culturally rich and fascinating, but also offer the opportunity to escape winter and enjoy moderate temperatures. Thus, Seville remains a vacation destination very attractive even during winter months.

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