Austrian Airlines condemned for greenwashing

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The court in Korneuburg, located near Vienna, ruled thatAustrian Airlines had conveyed “ a false impression » by promising its customers the possibility of take a plane without polluting the planet.

With us, fly without carbon emissions! »: this slogan, at the heart of the trial, was considered misleading advertising by the court. With the use of “ sustainable aviation fuels » (SAF, sustainable aviation fuel), « carbon neutral flights are already possible », assured Austrian Airlines in its advertising campaign dating from 2022. However, these fuels emit CO2 during their combustion, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions taking place mainly during the production phase. Additionally, on Austrian airline flights, SAF is mixed with fossil-based kerosene.

This judgment, which does not provide for any financial sanction, was rendered in June, but it has just been made public on social networks under a display obligation. It is part of a context of multiplication in the world of “greenwashing” procedures aimed at the communication of large companies or organizations.

The Austrian consumer association VKI welcomed the decision of the Korneuburg court, citing a “ premiere in Austria “. In a statement, Austrian Airlines said: take note of the judgment » and promised to inform “ more clearly » in the future on the use of so-called sustainable fuels.

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