Australia prefers an aborigine to the king of England…

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Australia says no to image of King Charles III on new banknotes. Instead of the face of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Australian $5 note will not have that of her successor, but an illustration that celebrates Indigenous culture.

This was announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia, in a country increasingly critical of the British monarchy, although a member of the Commonwealth. The same source clarified that Indigenous peoples will be consulted on the new design intended to honor the culture and history of early Australians.

British sovereigns have appeared on Australian banknotes since 1923 and until 1953, the year of the coronation of Elizabeth II, they were present on all denominations. The Queen’s face adorned the one pound note, then the new 1966 dollar note.

Australia’s current politics is betting on meritocracy, and the idea that anyone could be in their national motto by birthright is disputed, as is the idea of ​​having Charles of England as their leader. State. An unelected ruler who continues to appear on coins and banknotes in place of local leaders and First Nations ancestors is no longer justifiable in the hour of truth and reconciliation who desires formal independence, cultural and intellectual.

The central bank said its decision was backed by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s centre-left Labor government, which favors a possible transition to an Australian republic. The disappearance of the effigy of the leaders was hailed by the Australian Republican Movement (ARM), pointing out that indigenous peoples predated British colonization by 65,000 years.

Very interesting news, updates a lot of information about the money they used and how it works.

I find this very good and completely normal.

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