Australia: Jetstar refreshes the 787 cabin

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The Australian low cost airline Jetstar revealed an upgrade to several million dollars for its fleet of Boeing 787-8while hinting at the expansion of its operations in South Asia and Africa.

Jetstar renews its international fleet of 11 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with new cabins. On the Dreamliner, the class cabins Economic And Business will both receive new seats. Business class seats will more than double from 21 to 44. The airline will also install on-board Wi-Fi and a crew rest area at the rear of the plane. This new rest area, which will occupy up to eight business and economy seats, currently reserved, will give Jetstar a autonomy extended potential, opening the possibility of direct flights from Australia to IndiaAt Sri Lanka or in Africa. No decisions have been made yet on future routes.

Current seats will be replaced by ergonomic models of RECAERO Aircraft Seatingwith Economy seats featuring front seatback holders for various devices, charging sockets and six-way headrests, while Business seats will also have device holders, headrests and electric heads, as well as a “generous tilt”.

To make room for additional business seats, the total number of seats on the entire plane will go from 335 to 325. There will also be “new ways” for customers, including Club Jetstar members, to reserve Business Class seats. Moreover, the screens seat backs will be removed to reduce weight and fuel consumptionand will be replaced by device supports with in-flight Wi-Fi. “This multi-million dollar overhaul of our fleet will allow us to offer our customers more choice, comfort and convenience when traveling long distances internationally.”said Stephanie Tully, CEO of Jetstar. “Our current business class offering on the 787 is extremely popular, so we are doubling the number of business class seats and, to keep customers connected in the air, we are introducing on-board Wi-Fi. » “The new crew rest areas mean our crew will be able to get the rest they need to complete longer flights, opening up the possibility of exciting new destinations like the Sri Lanka And India »continues Stephanie Tully.

The overhaul of each of Jetstar’s 11,787 aircraft will be carried out during scheduled maintenance beginning in 2025.


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