August 9, 1925 in the sky: Two more records for French aviation

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Aviation History – August 9, 1925. On this Sunday, August 9, 1925, French aviators Maurice Drouhin and Jules Landry will shine in the sky by completing the tricolor aviation prize list, rewarding it with two new records: after the speed records and altitude, it can now boast of holding those of distance and duration.

To achieve this magnificent performance, Maurice Drouhin and Jules Landry took their place at the controls of a Goliath F.62 equipped with a Chauvière propeller with three blades, namely a biplane aircraft from the aircraft manufacturer Farman, whose engine was provided by a geared block that can develop no less than 500 horsepower.

The two men evolved on the Etampes – Chartres circuit, the two cities being 100 kilometers apart, covering a journey of 4,400 kilometers in 45 hours, 11 minutes and 59 seconds. The last record holders for duration were Etienne Coupet and Maurice Drouhin, with 37 hours, 59 minutes and 10 seconds and those for distance J. Kelly and Mc Ready, these last American airmen had traveled only 4,050 kilometres.

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