August 6, 1929 in the sky: Florentin Bonnet kills himself in an airplane just before the Jacques Schneider cup

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Aviation History – August 6, 1929. On this Tuesday, August 6, 1929, we deplore the death of French aviator Florentin Bonnet. The latter, then only 35 years old, was to take part in the Jacques Schneider Cup, an aeronautical event where representatives of several Nations were to compete on September 6 and 7, 1929, this competition taking place at Calshot Spit, in Great Britain. Brittany.

It was during training in the Bordeaux region, led by the aviator Joseph Sadi Lecointe, that the unfortunate pilot suffered an accident that will be fatal to him: his airplane Nieuport-Delage Ni-D62 s indeed returned, during the last flight of the day.

A tragedy that occurred in the afternoon of August 6, 1929, near the pond of Hourtin, which will unfortunately be fatal to Lieutenant Bonnet, belonging to the Strasbourg aviation regiment.

As a reminder, Florentin Bonnet had previously distinguished himself by setting the French speed record in November 1924: 393.340 kilometers per hour, but also the world speed record on base during the month of December 1924: 448.170 kilometers per hour.

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