August 5, 1913 in the sky: Deperdussin, a crook?

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Aviation History – August 5, 1913. On this Tuesday, August 5, 1913, aeronautical news is marked by the arrest of a great name in aviation, in the person of Armand Deperdussin who became famous as an aeronautical manufacturer. The airplanes he developed were recognized for their high quality and as a result, many people lined up to take part in various aeronautical competitions.

The arrest of Armand Deperdussin was requested by the Seine prosecutor’s office on the warrant of Mr. Hirach in his capacity as investigating judge. A financial company filed a complaint against him, accusing him of fraud. According to her, the latter relates to no less than 30 million francs, a sum which would be an advance for the order of airplanes and which Deperdussin would have used for personal purposes. The victim of this scam would be the Comptoir Industriel et Colonial.

Accusation that Deperdussin refutes, he would not have used this money for himself but to make investments in aviation.

It will be necessary to wait until March 1917 for him to be judged, because of the war the trial having been postponed. Deperdussin will finally be sentenced to 4 years in prison suspended for forgery, use of forgery, scams and breach of trust.

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