August 4, 1930 in the sky: Johnson returns from Australia

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Aviation History – August 4, 1930. On this Monday August 4, 1930, it is the great return, and this, under escort, of Amy Johnson, wife Mollison in Great Britain. The aviator of British nationality, born in Kingston-upon-Hull, indeed arises today at Croydon airfield, after having signed an air raid in Australia. It is around 9 p.m. when the air pioneer finally lands.

It was installed at the controls of a Havilland Gipsy Moth, bearing the name of “Jason”, that she made this long round trip alone, leaving to reach Australia on May 5, 1930, from Grande -Brittany. The Great Britain – Australia connection had never been carried out by a single woman, so this is a source of great satisfaction for the pilot. His performance will be hailed by Lord Thomson, then Secretary of State for the Air.

On the other hand, on this route between Great Britain and Australia, it was not she who was the fastest, Bert Hinkler, Australian pilot, not being dethroned and still remaining the speed record holder on this route. through the air.

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