August 30, 1910 in the sky: 1st day of the Prize for crossing the Seine estuary

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Aviation History – August 30, 1910. During no less than three days, an aeronautical competition will take place under the impetus of Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe, the latter, a famous French patron, having financed this event known as the Prix de la Traversée de la Meurthe. the Seine estuary. This event begins this Tuesday, August 30, 1910 as part of the Baie de la Seine aviation meeting.

To be able to claim this trophy, the airmen engaged in this prize must be the authors of the greatest number of crossings between the city of Trouville and that of Le Havre. Everyone has the opportunity to leave the town they want. The endowment is made up for the winner of a work of art, as well as a sum of money, the latter amounting to 10,000 francs. Once the city of arrival has been reached, the pilots must land for a 15-minute stopover or circle the aerodrome runway five times.

On the occasion of this first day, it is the aviator Hubert Latham who will shine, arriving at the top of the classification thanks to his six airplane crossings in 1 hour 23 minutes and 23 2/5 seconds, Morane finishing at second place and Leblanc completing the podium.

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