August 3, 1953 in the sky: In the middle of the night, an Air France aircraft must amerrir

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Aviation History – August 3, 1953. On the night of August 2 to 3, 1953, the airline Air France will experience a serious incident on one of its airlines: indeed, one of its aircraft will be affected by a mechanical problem, namely the Lockheed L-749A Constellation aircraft bearing registration F-BAZS.

The latter piloted by captain Raymond Terry and co-pilot Jacques Steens will be forced to land in the middle of the night, a very delicate maneuver which unfortunately will be synonymous with several deaths.

A concern for motorization is at the origin of this emergency landing, towards Fethiye in Turkey, which will kill four people, the latter drowning. The thirty other passengers will be saved, the calm sea having made it possible not to deplore more deaths. The plane operating on the line between Paris and Tehran (Iran) lost altitude due to a broken propeller blade and two out of four faulty engines. Note that the tragedy occurred on the section linking the city of Rome Ciampino (Italy) to that of Beirut (Lebanon).

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