August 25, 1906 in the sky: Launch of the race of Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe

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Aviation History – August 25, 1906. Open to all flying machines, a new aeronautical competition will see the light of day on this Saturday, August 25, 1906 under the impetus of Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe, industrialist of French nationality from a family that made a fortune in petroleum. The latter will be one of the great patrons of aerial locomotion: indeed, he intends to put some of his money in aviation so that it develops and this is how he will create this air race.

This event is endowed with a cup valued at 10,000 francs and a sum of money, i.e. 20,000 francs, which will be given to the driver arriving to complete the 188 kilometer circuit Saint-Germain, Senlis, Meaux, Melun, Saint-Germain as soon as possible.

The contenders for the trophy will have to make their attempts between March 1 and October 31, having plenty of time to choose the starting point they wish, the only imperatives: it is between sunrise and sunset that they must complete their flight, without making the slightest stopover or refueling. Compliance with these instructions determines the validity of their attempt.

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