August 20, 1922 in the sky: The coronation of Hentzen

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Aviation History – August 20, 1922. While the first Experimental Congress of aviation without engine is taking place in France, across the Rhine, a young student will be the author of a very fine performance in this area on this Sunday August 20, 1922. the airman in question being a German named Hentzen, the latter will totally eclipse the feat in Auvergne of Frenchman Lucien Bossoutrot.

The tricolor pilot had signed, on August 19, 1922, a gliding flight of 5 minutes and 18 seconds during the gliding competition taking place at Camp Mouillard as part of the Experimental Congress of aviation without engine.

Hentzen, for his part, will do much better installed at the controls of his Fokker monoplane, becoming record holder of gliding flight on August 20, 1922, thanks to a flight of two hours and one minute, at an altitude of 200 meters. The manufacturer Fokker will also give him 75,000 marks for this feat. The German engineer Martens, holder of the record since the day before, is dethroned, he had meanwhile covered in a monoplane 13 kilometers in one hour and six minutes.

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