August 2, 1913 in the sky: Sikorsky, author of a multi theft

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Aviation History – August 2, 1913. On this Saturday, August 2, 1913, it was the Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky who was going to make people talk about him by carrying out a flight with several people. Indeed, if the aerial locomotion was initially a solitary adventure, it gave way to the desire to travel with passengers. Air pioneers competing to take the most people aboard their airplane. And Igor Sikorsky will particularly shine by welcoming eight people at his side in his device.

To achieve such a flight, the aviator piloted the device called “Rousski Vityaz”, which can be translated as “Russian Knight”. The latter of the biplane type was powered by four in-line Argus blocks positioned at the level of the lower wings, a set that could then develop no less than 400 horsepower.

Igor Sikorsky went during this little raid to walk his eight passengers for the day for one hour and fifty-four minutes, allowing the Russian air force to display a magnificent performance, which at that time was not on the front lines of innovation in aerial locomotion. Western Europe being rather the cradle.

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