August 19, 1922 in the sky: Gliding: great performance by Lucien Bossoutrot

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Aviation History – August 19, 1922. On the occasion of a competition of flight without engine, the pilot Lucien Bossoutrot will be illustrated on this August 19, 1922. The latter, of French nationality, carrying out a rather notable flight in the sky of the camp Mouillard. The aviator, patented on April 1, 1915, having obtained the civil patent number 1856, thus managed to achieve a gliding flight lasting more than five minutes.

The Aéro-Club d’Auvergne and the Association Française Aérienne organized from August 6 to August 20, 1922 the first Experimental Congress of aviation without engine, highlighting the advances and experiments in this discipline and it is in this context that this gliding test took place during which Lucien Bossoutrot signed his performance. He flew in the sky for exactly 5 minutes and 18 seconds, having taken control of his “Mosquito”, the baptismal name of his Farman airplane.

The tricolor pilot was engaged in this competition alongside, among others, Louis Paulhan, the Swiss manufacturer Francis Chardon, Gilbert Sardier but also the American aviator Allen.

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