August 16, 1960 in the sky: Joseph William Kittinger makes a parachute jump record

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Aviation History – August 16, 1960. On this Tuesday, August 16, 1960, it is the American parachutist Joseph William Kittinger who will shine in the sky of Tularosa, a city in New Mexico. The latter setting today the new record for the highest parachute jump.
No less than 102,200 feet, the equivalent of 31,150 meters, is the height at which Joseph William Kittinger jumped into the void as part of the Excelsior project. The parachutist has, in fact, made this jump not for the sporting side but to participate in the development of a safety device for pilots flying at very high altitude.
Given the height of the jump, Joseph William Kittinger had to use specific equipment: he put on a pressurized suit to counter the drop in pressure, but also to cope with the cold, the temperature during his test on August 16 1960 being -70°C! It should be noted that during its free fall from 25,816 meters, it almost evolved at the speed of sound. He was thus the author of a rather exceptional leap.

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