August 12, 1925 in the sky: Ludovic Arrachart arrives at Le Bourget, after a tour of Europe

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Aviation History – August 12, 1925. On this Wednesday, August 12, 1925, France sees the French aviator Ludovic Arrachart return to its soil, the latter having returned from a long trip during which he made a tour of Europe. A journey he made in the company of Henri Carol who is none other than an engineer from the Lorraine-Dietrich company. The two men having completed this trip in three stages: from Paris to Constantinople, then from Constantinople to Moscow and finally, from Moscow to Paris.

It is installed at the controls of a two-seater biplane-type airplane, namely a Potez 25 GR with a wingspan of 14 meters and 46 square meters of lifting surface, equipped with a Lorraine-Dietrich engine of 12 cylinders in W capable of developing 450 horsepower and even 480 peak horsepower that aviator Ludovic Arrachart signed this air raid, which began on August 10, 1925 from Villacoublay aerodrome.
Passing through Belgrade, Constantinople, Bucharest, Moscow, Warsaw and Copenhagen, he returned on August 12, 1925 to Le Bourget aerodrome, where Henri Potez, Louis Blériot and the Under-Secretary of State for the aeronautics, Mr. Laurent Eynac. 39 hours of flight will have been necessary for him to cover the 7,420 kilometers of this trip, flying at 190 kilometers per hour on average.

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