August 11, 1910 in the sky: Drexel, author of a record flight in Scotland

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Aviation History – August 11, 1910. On this Thursday, August 11, 1910, American aviator Drexel will shine in the sky by setting the new world altitude record. The latter having supplanted his counterpart, the Brookins driver, who had held this trophy until then. On Saturday, July 10, 1910, Brookins became the record holder for the discipline by managing to push his device from the American aircraft manufacturer Wright to no less than 1,900 meters.

Almost a month to the day, he was thus dethroned by Drexel, during a flight made in the Scottish sky, on the occasion of the very first aviation meeting taking place in Scotland, from August 6 to August 13, 1910, more exactly at Lanark Racecourse. Drexel managed to reach the height of 2,013 meters as part of its participation in this event.

Drexel will unfortunately hardly have the time to savor his performance which will be quickly improved by the French driver Morane. The Frenchman will become the new altitude record holder on

August 20, 1910, rising to 2,150 meters.

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