Attack in Novorossiisk: a Russian landing ship seriously damaged by a Ukrainian drone

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On August 4, the Russian port of Novorossiysk was attacked by Ukrainian maritime drones. The images available in open sources confirm that at least one tank landing ship was hit. The explosion of the drone caused a significant water leak, as well as a strong list, which could lead to the total loss of the building.

Ukrainian drone attack

During the morning of August 4, the military port of Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Krai, Russia) was attacked by several Ukrainian maritime drones. The drones have not yet been identified, but it should be noted that the port in question is very far from the Ukrainian front lines with maritime access, and even more from Ukrainian ports. For example, a drone that left Odessa (Odessa oblast, Ukraine) must have traveled at least 700 kilometres, under the nose and beard of Russian sailors in Crimea… unless a ship of camouflaged commerce in the Eastern Black Sea deployed the drones used in this attack.

Hit… and sinking?

While some are announcing an attack completely repelled by the Russian military, information available from open sources confirms that at least one Ukrainian maritime drone (carrying a 450 kg warhead) may have exploded against the hull of a Russian ship ( video below).

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