ATR heading towards 40 firm sales in 2023

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The lessor Abelo orders 10 firm ATR 72-600s at the Dubai Airshow. Since the start of 2023, the Franco-Italian manufacturer will have garnered 36 firm sales and 14 options and is no longer far from the 40 sales mark.

Ten more ATR 72-600s for rental company Abelo

The lessor Abelo, based in Ireland and supported by funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, LP, places an order with ATR for 10 ATR 72-600 farms plus ten options. The memorandum of understanding will very quickly turn into a contract. In July 2022, Abelo had indeed taken an order for 10 ATR 72-600s and confirmed a contract for 10 ATR 42-600S โ€“ the short takeoff and landing version. Abelo will take delivery of its very first new ATR before the end of the year as part of the order placed in 2022, deliveries of the ten additional ATR 72-600s will take place between 2026 and 2028.

Towards 40 firm sales in 2023

With this new order, ATR is moving towards 40 firm sales for the entire year. The manufacturer has now garnered 36 firm sales since the start of 2023, plus 14 options. In addition to the 22 sales and 2 options unveiled at the last Paris Air Show, there were 2 additional ATR 72-600s acquired by Air New Zealand and accompanied by 2 options. Then, Maldivian Airlines ordered 2 ATR 42-600s.

ATR deliveries are also increasing

Another positive sign of a regional air transport market which is regaining strength, ATR plans to deliver 40 new aircraft in 2023 after having delivered 25 new aircraft and 11 used aircraft in 2022. The manufacturer is counting on 50 deliveries in 2024 and is aiming an ambitious target of 80 annual deliveries from 2026.

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