Atout France and SNCF Connect want to promote gentler mobility

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Anne Pruvot, general director of SNCF Connect & Tech and Caroline Leboucher, general director of Atout France, signed a partnership agreement aimed at initiating joint actions to encourage travel and travel in France and to France via modes of transport. transport emits less CO2.

Reduce carbon impact

This partnership constitutes a concrete response to the need to act together, around a shared and coordinated strategy to promote more sustainable stay experiences in France. By promoting soft and shared mobility as well as initiatives to reduce the carbon impact of stays, throughout the year, Atout France and SNCF Connect have the common priority of accelerating the sustainable transformation of the French destination.

Several actions planned

This collaboration marks a new stage for the ecological transition of the tourism sector, relying in particular on specific budgets allocated as part of the Destination France plan. Effective until the end of December 2024, and based on several joint actions including several waves of communication, this partnership contributes to the influence and attractiveness of the France destination in its priority domestic and European markets: Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

► A pooling of resources in favor of local tourism The actions undertaken as part of this cooperation aim more particularly to: – Contribute in a positive way to promoting French destinations and stimulate reservations, ensuring a balanced distribution of flows within the space and time. – Position France as a benchmark sustainable destination, by promoting accessibility through soft and shared mobility and practices encouraging people to discover destinations differently. – Promote an innovative offer, in line with new consumer expectations

► A multi-market and multi-lever system serving performance This partnership agreement results in actions to promote different French destinations around culture and heritage, nature, sport and Anne Pruvot and Caroline Leboucher signs the partnership agreement between SNCF Connect and Atout France gastronomy. The proposed measures will aim both to encourage the discovery of France by train or via different types of mobility available on the SNCF Connect site and application (train, bus, carpooling or even public transport), but also to support sales for territories that are behind in terms of reservations.

Different communication levers will be used for promotion both on the domestic market and in priority European markets: display, relational marketing, social networks and data.

Anne Pruvot, General Director of SNCF Connect & Tech : “Choosing the train, a mobility that emits less CO2, as soon as it exists, makes it possible to limit its impact on the environment. I am delighted with this partnership with Atout France and this reinforced collaboration in the service of the attractiveness of the territories and the French tourist ecosystem. Together, this is how we will promote and encourage sustainable and responsible tourism. »
Caroline Leboucher, General Director of Atout France : “Local tourism represents a real social, economic and environmental challenge. By signing this partnership with SNCF Connect, Atout France reaffirms its desire to promote the discovery of French destinations by train, as part of responsible and carbon-free mobility. We want to make our French and international visitors want to travel by train to reach our countryside, our coasts, our cities but also our mountains, at the foot of the ski slopes in a few weeks, for example. »

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