Assurever is mobilizing for the national campaign to fight breast cancer

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The Assurever teams are meeting all travel agencies and tourism professionals on October 17, mobilizing throughout France, to repeat last year’s great experience for the benefit of the Ruban Rose association, and raise awareness among tourism professionals about breast cancer screening.

Assurever will pay the Ruban Rose Association €50 for each “travel agent smile” selfie obtained.

A commitment that is part of a great continuity of rallying and great collective efforts and team spirit: more than 6 employees out of 10 who, on a voluntary basis and from all of our services: commerce , finance, customer advice, compensation, communication, training, information systems and management. More than 30 Assurever employees mobilized, together on October 17, for the fight against breast cancer.

The Assureds will be divided into pairs or threes, they will wear the pink jersey and the logo of the Ruban Rose association to meet travel agencies in Paris, but also in the provinces: in Lille, in Rennes, in Toulouse, in Marseille or Lyon – whether or not they are Assurever customers because the fight against breast cancer concerns everyone.

Something new this year: we have extended our mobilization on a larger scale, counting on the support of our provincial agencies!

Pink Ribbon Association – Ensure

It is therefore all the agencies in France that will be able to make their contribution.

Any tourism professional, wherever they are and from whatever network they are, as long as they are dressed in pink, will be able to send their selfie to [email protected]

Their selfie will be counted and Assurever will also donate €50 for these selfies.

The most original photos will be posted to our LinkedIn community.

One objective: to collect as many selfies as possible from travel agents and tourism professionals, to donate a minimum of 5,000 euros for the benefit of medical and scientific research actions supported by the Ruban Rose Association. Assurever hopes to donate more than €6,350, an amount that was collected last year!

Manuela BATT, Director of Communications Assurever, emphasizes: “Breast cancers are the most common cancers among women worldwide. It can also affect men, although much less frequently. Everyone is concerned, from near or far, it is a real fight that the person affected by one of these cancers must experience, as well as their family and loved ones who do not always have the words but whose presence is primordial. There is the physical fight first, but also psychological during and still years after the intervention; This is why it is important to detect it as early as possible to increase the chances of recovery and adapt treatments. The fight against breast cancer is a cause that is really close to our hearts. Our teams will therefore be most mobilized this October 17.”

Let’s wear the pink ribbon and send a selfie to Assurever

With each selfie of travel agents or tourism professionals50 euros will be paid by Assurever to the Ruban Rose association

Concretely, how will this happen? Tourism professionals visited by our teams on October 17 will be asked for authorization to take a selfie which will have a value of 50 euros, donated by Assurever to the Ruban Rose Association. In exchange, to thank them and raise awareness, we will give them a pretty pink ribbon to hang on their chest as a token of their contribution to the fight against breast cancer.

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