Aspen-USA: a bear ventured into a large hotel…

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In the American ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, a dangerous incident recently occurred. This happened in the St Regis Hotel when a bear entered the kitchen of the 5-star hotel. When an unsuspecting security guard spotted the wild animal, the bear attacked, knocking the man to the ground.

The incident was filmed by the luxury hotel’s surveillance camera. You can see the animal calmly looking around the hotel kitchen, apparently stocking up on food for the upcoming hibernation.

When the security guard noticed the bear, the situation escalated. The animal pushed the man with its two paws. The bear must have been more frightened than the guard because it quickly fled. Fortunately, the security guard survived the encounter with the bear without serious injuries and was able to leave the hospital the next day.

St Regis Hotel – Aspen

They didn’t give the bear a gift

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) was able to find and identify the bear after the incident. As the animal was classified as aggressive, it had to be euthanized the same day. “This incident is a sad reminder that bears are still active and preparing to hibernate. It is everyone’s responsibility to give wildlife space and remember the importance of looking out for bears,” a CPW spokesperson said.

About 17,000 to 20,000 bears live in the Aspen area. Shortly before winter, incidents involving animals in search of food increase.

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