Asia inaugurates its new offices in Neuilly-sur-Seine

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Guillaume Linton had not chosen the date by chance. During the inauguration of the new premises in Neuilly, he reminded us that, on March 16, 2020, Emmanuel Macron asked the French to stay at home, the borders were closing. At Asia Voyages, as with other tour operators, it was necessary to repatriate customers from around thirty countries. It was a shock for everyone. Who would have thought that we would be trapped in an epidemic?

Asia therefore wished to celebrate the complete opening of the borders in its new premises. We were warmly welcomed with a buffet made by an association that employs refugee chefs … to meet its CSR. It was pretty well seen.

Many friends were present. The pictures speak for themselves.

Rania Khodr – Evelyne Dreyfus – Frédéric Lorin – Nicolas Barbery – Philippe Reibec – Guillaume Linton and his entire team – David Savary – Sabine Cavalier – Jean-Baptiste Treboul – Marie Poirier – Blaise Borezee – Our friends from tourism in Thailand – Singapore Airlines – Oman Air … and many other people

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