Artificial intelligence and its upheavals in tourism

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Many professions will be shaken up by artificial intelligence (AI). Tourism will not escape this. Today, hundreds of sites already allow you to modify or imitate voices, create photos or videos, and write texts from a simple sentence. It’s often confusing and it’s just the beginning. A study by the professional social network LinkedIn demonstrates the effects of AI, here they are:

Jobs threatened?

AI will cause a significant change in employment according to 44% of French people, reveals a LinkedIn* study. The arrival of AI in the professional world causes apprehension for around 35% of respondents who say they are “overwhelmed” and “not being able to follow” its developments. But employees are trying to overcome this apprehension: 43% of professionals want to deepen their knowledge of how they can use AI.

Almost everyone is interested in the potential of AI

Professionals are interested in the potential of AI in their career: 82% say they are enthusiastic about using it at work. A majority of respondents plan to use AI to free themselves from the most boring tasks. Even if tourism professionals have numerous IT tools in travel agencies, these will evolve to make them simpler and faster. We saw a site that allows you to write an email in a few seconds.

Artificial intelligence

The company must support employees

According to Fabienne Arata, country manager of LinkedIn France: “Professionals want to learn how to use this technology in the context of their work, and companies therefore have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this interest on the part of their employees by equipping them not only technical skills necessary for the adoption of these tools, but also ‘soft skills’ which will become increasingly important in the era of AI.”

New professional skills

Among these skills are problem solving (49%), time management (51%), adaptability and resilience (43%), and strategic thinking (47%). Skills that will be in greater demand due to the growth of jobs mentioning new generative AI technologies. Since last November, they have multiplied 21 times on the global scale of the professional network.

Online agencies should be very impacted

Traditional travel agencies face increased competition from online platforms that use AI to provide more personalized offers to travelers. Using machine learning and data analysis, these platforms can recommend destinations, accommodations and activities based on each customer’s individual preferences. The travel agency, contrary to what was said when online agencies arrived, has not disappeared. But the speed at which artificial intelligence is being implemented, we will have to act quickly in order to make the best use of these tools.

As a reminder, TO Exotismes had indicated the use of AI in its computer systems.

Research methodology conducted by Censuswide and based on 2,040 employees aged over 16 in France between August 23 and 29, 2023.

Censuswide employs members of the Market Research Society and follows the MRS Code of Conduct which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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