Arianespace: next Vega VV23 launch on October 4

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Arianespace announced the launch of its next Vega mission on October 4 from Kourou. The launcher will carry two satellites: THEOS-2 from Airbus Defense and Space and FORMOSAT-7R/TRITON from the Taiwan Space Agency.

Launch of the Vega VV23 with two satellites and ten auxiliary payloads scheduled for October 4.

Arianespace has confirmed the next mission of its Vega launcher, scheduled for October 4 from the Kourou launch site. This flight, named VV23, will carry two satellites: THEOS-2 and FORMOSAT-7R/TRITON, as well as ten auxiliary payloads. THEOS-2, manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space, is a high-resolution instrument contributing to Thailand’s geo-information system.

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