Argentina has the best steak in the world

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For the fourth consecutive time, the London house Upper Cut Media House presents the ranking of the 101 best steak restaurants in the world. There are no French restaurants in the top 50 places!

Buenos Aires eliminated London

The winner of this year’s ranking is Buenos Aires’ Parrilla Don Julio restaurant, which knocked out the 2022 winner, London’s Hawksmoor restaurant, in second place. American restaurant Cut Tribeca in New York takes third place this year.

Don Julio in Buenos Aires

The Don Julio restaurant in Buenos Aires, run by Pablo Rivero and executive chef Guido Tassi, works exclusively with meat of Argentine origin from the Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds from their own sustainable breeding program. The meat comes from ancient classic meat breeds. The restaurant prefers short transport, respectful breeding in extensive agriculture, consistent standards and natural grass feeding make this Argentinian beef one of the best products currently available and Parrilla Don Julio the best steak restaurant in the world 2023 from the jury’s perspective.

Better product knowledge

The testers found that the quality of the restaurants tested is constantly changing and improving, not only in terms of meat quality, but also in the areas of product knowledge, preparation methods, service and interior design. . Furthermore, it should be noted that European steak restaurants in particular, with their emphasis on old landraces, new curing techniques, are increasingly asserting themselves against the former superiority of established classic steak restaurants. in the USA.

Restaurant Carcasse – Belgium

Places 4 to 10 of the best steak restaurants

4 – Carcass, Belgium

5 – Bodega El Capricho, Spain

6 – FX Buckley, Ireland

7 – I due Cippi, Italy

8 – Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

9 – Lana, Madrid

10 – Bazaar Meat, Las Vegas

11 – Restaurant AG, Stockholm

12 – Cut at 45 Park Lane, London

13 – Cote NYC,New York

14 – Amarén, Bilbao

15 – Guard and Grace, Denver

We remain on our hunger in France

It is difficult to question this classification. Michelin-starred restaurants aside, restaurants in France surely need to improve the quality of food and meat served.

Homemade is rather rare

Coming into force in 2014 and appearing in the Hamon law on consumption, the term “homemade” concerns establishments and catering professionals. It makes it possible to identify the dishes made by the cook and thus enhance his profession.

Today, 7 out of 10 restaurants would offer industrial dishes to their customers. Clearly, by going to the restaurant, a customer would have a 70% chance of eating frozen products, preserved under vacuum supplied by large groups in the food industry.

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