APG reissues World Connect in Monaco

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It is in the prestigious setting of the Fairmont Hotel, freshly renovated, that the 14th edition of WORLD CONNECT organized by APG will be held from November 1 to 3, 2023. Jean Louis Baroux, the president of this important meeting, declared “ it is with great pleasure that we return to the elegant Fairmont Hotel Monaco which saw a good part of its establishment renewed. We are sure to provide a high quality welcome to all our participants”.

Jean Louis Baroux – President of World Connect 2023

87 countries will be represented

Baroux added: “Currently we already have 482 registered participants from 87 countries, including more than 75 airlines represented by around a hundred of their respective executives from all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Air France, our official carrier. This year, we will ask the question of whether more than ever air transport remains fundamental.

APG organizes World Connect 2023

Sir Tim Clark (CEO of Emirates) and Anne Rigail (CEO of Air France) will share a panel under the theme: “What will air travel look like in the future? “.

This is without counting the participation of around twenty other prestigious speakers from different countries, all international experts in their field”

Baroux concludes: “At a time when air transport is returning to growth after having been seriously shaken by the drama of COVID, at a time when many environmental lobbies continue to insist on pointing the finger at it as the naughty little greenhouse gas emissions in the world, it will be fascinating to hear our speakers give their vision, and their explanations about the usefulness of air transport for humanity, not only because it brings men, and that it is a factor of peace, but because it is also essential to the world economy. »

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