Anti-aircraft systems planned for the Arctic deployed around Moscow

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Anti-aircraft and especially anti-drone defense continues to increase in capacity, with the arrival of at least two Pantsir-SA, the Arctic version of the Pantsir anti-aircraft system. The security need is such that the Russian Armed Forces have decided to deploy this type of vehicle. Like the recently spotted Pantsir S2, they have also been placed on a mound to increase the effectiveness of their radar.


Recent images published on social networks confirm that Pantsir-SA have also been deployed around Moscow. This vehicle is very unusual in this region as it is a vehicle specifically designed for Arctic regions. Concretely, the Pantsir-SA is a DT-30PM articulated transport vehicle, with a front vehicle transporting the men, the engine, etc. and a rear vehicle equipped with the turret present on the Pantsir anti-aircraft trucks. However, it differs from the wheeled version by carrying additional missiles, namely 2×9 instead of 2×6 surface-to-air missile launch tubes but at the cost of the disappearance of the two rapid-firing 30 mm cannons. It also uses the 1RS2 radar between the missile launch tubes (tracking radar, missile guidance, 28 km range) and the rotating (360°) SOTS double-sided surveillance radar of the Pantsir S2. This radar, however, has certain differences compared to the SOTS present on the Pantsir S2, limiting its range to 36 km (compared to 40 for the Pantsir S2). And of course, the vehicle is equipped with an internal ventilation system, a heating system, is completely isolated from the outside, has an amphibious capacity,…

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