ANA: the Pokémon livery aircraft will serve London and the USA

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Most of the space along the plane’s body is allocated to Rayquaza, a massive Sky High Pokémon. A number of other fan favorites, such as Charizard, ensure that there is a Pokémon for everyone. Of course, Pikachu makes an appearance at the forefront, flying alongside his Pokémon peers using balloons… A dream? No, we’re talking about an All Nippon Airways aircraft with a theme of the famous Japanese video game.

ANA Airline and The Pokémon Company Expand “Pokémon Air Adventures” Collaboration with a 2th plane in the colors of the cult game, the Jet Évoli NH which has just launched its first flight between Haneda airports in Tokyo and Heathrow airports in London.

ANA and Pokémon hostesses

The design of the plane represents Eevee, the Pokémon with the power to evolve into many forms. Eevee and its evolutions – Aquali, Voltali, Pyroli – are shown moving resolutely into the future with Pikachu. Full of hope, they take off on a journey through the skies, accompanying the astonished travelers. This approach underscores ANA’s commitment to inspiring its employees, customers and society to explore the endless possibilities that begin in the sky.

This is the 2th Pokémon-themed jet for Japan’s largest airline following the debut of its Jet Pikachu NH (Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner) earlier this year.

  • Here is the list of connections which could be operated from 1er September 2023 to October 28, 2023. Itineraries are subject to change due to changes in operations.
  • Haneda – London (NH211/NH212)
  • Haneda – New York (NH110/NH109/NH160/NH159)
  • Haneda – San Francisco (NH108/NH107)
ANA’s Boeing 787, decorated with Pokémon

This collaboration demonstrates the airline’s desire to bring joy and excitement back to its customers as travel restrictions ease. “Pokémon Air Adventures” seeks to connect people with the world of Pokémon, highlighting the companies’ commitment to providing enjoyable and fun travel experiences for all passengers.

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