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On the occasion of the Salon Mondial du Tourisme in Paris, from March 16 to 19, 2023, the international communication agency MARCO unveils the latest data from its study “MARCO Research: Post Covid-19 Consumer Behavior II”, analyzing the motivations and tourist purchasing behavior in the face of the new post-Covid reality. 2022 marked a new start for the sector and particularly in France, where international tourism receipts increased by 1.2 billion euros compared to 2019

Health security as an essential criterion for the choice of a destination

While 2022 marked a strong recovery in the tourism sector, the health crisis has left its mark and generated new expectations and criteria for travelers regarding their choice of destination. Thus, 56% of Europeans revealed that a safe health situation was an essential factor in choosing their holiday destination in 2022, even positioning themselves as the first criterion in the ranking.

If the percentage is a little lower among French travellers, 49% of them nevertheless chose their trip according to the COVID situation of the country of destination, which is the second determining factor for the country. For the Germans, this percentage rises to 71%. Like the French, health security is the second most considered criterion by the Spaniards at 57%, while the Italians give it less importance, ranking it only in fourth position among essential factors, at 46%.

Discover new lands and culinary experiences

Health security was not the only decisive criterion for travelers in 2022 and many of them above all wanted a change of scenery and getting away from the beaten track. For 55% of Europeans, a destination they have never been to was an essential factor. For France (52%), Spain (61%) or Italy (61%), it is even the first factor of choice. For 64% of Portuguese, this criterion ranks first on a par with the gastronomic experience offered by the destination. This last factor also attracted 64% of the English, 53% of the Italians, 50% of the Spaniards and 44% of the French.

Consumers who favor online shopping

Shopping online tends to remain one of the most enduring post-crisis habits, with 95% of the French population planning to shop more online in the future. The tourism sector is particularly affected by these trends, since 56% of Europeans say they generally buy travel services online rather than in physical stores, in first place ahead of tickets for shows (52%) and clothing (52 %). For France, this represents 44% of French people, behind clothing (47%) and ahead of show tickets (42%).

Study methodology

The MARCO POST-COVID CONSUMER RESEARCH 2022 study, carried out by the international communication agency MARCO, studied consumer trends in 14 markets. The fieldwork was carried out from May to June 2022 with a total sample of 14,200 consumers. The survey used an online methodology with representative sampling based on permission marketing by CINT. The first “MARCO Research: Post COVID-19 Consumer Habits” study was carried out in April and May 2020 in 6 countries. The new edition includes 8 additional countries and has expanded the scope of topics to include the rise of responsible brand consumption, media consumption and the rise of the metaverse; the growth of e-commerce and the use of cryptocurrencies; the tourism sector and related motivations.

The countries studied include the main European markets (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal); key markets in Africa (Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and Ivory Coast) and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia) and the United States. The full report of the survey carried out by MARCO’s research department in collaboration with CINT can be viewed at

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In 2021, she is producing the documentary series “The New Frontiers of Communication”, available worldwide on Amazon Prime Video and on her agency’s website.

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