Amsterdam-Schiphol: no time slots for new arrivals next summer

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THE Airlines companieswho do not have historical rights at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, will not have time slots for summer 2024announced slot coordinator Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL).

And those with historic rights will receive 3.1% fewer slots than before, added the ACNL, responsible for reducing traffic at Amsterdam-Schiphol as part of a cap on aircraft movements decided by the government of the Netherlands to combat noise pollution. The Hague wants to reduce flights to 452,500 per year at Amsterdam-Schiphol, almost 10% less than in 2019. This measure is strongly contested by the Dutch airline KLM and also foreign airlines, such as the American JetBlue which filed a complaint against the Netherlands and the European Union with the US Department of Transportation.

Serving the Dutch capital from New York and Boston since this year, JetBlue is asking for more slots to develop its transatlantic routes. She believes that the Dutch government’s decision violates the “open skies” agreement between the United States and the European Union. In retaliation, she asked the American authorities to ban KLM from access to New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport. In retaliation, it asked the American authorities to ban KLM from serving New York-John F. Kennedy.

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