Amsterdam: €56 tax for connecting passengers at Schiphol?

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The Dutch government is considering imposing a tax that would affect not only those staying in the Netherlands, but also passengers landing in Amsterdam to catch a connection. It is a project whose aim would be to reduce traffic on Schiphol, already under pressure recently by the difficulty of managing passengers at the Dutch hub.

If approved, it will certainly create a more competitive airline market, as most other European airports do not charge a connection fee.

The tax would amount to the not insignificant amount of 56 euros. The parliamentary procedures would already have been completed and the sums collected would be used for energy expenditure with the aim of achieving the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions.

Schiphol’s intention to limit the number of flights is also evident from the fact that a maximum emissions cap in airport operations for next year has already been approved by the Dutch parliament, which will lead to a net reduction in landings and takeoffs.

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