Amsterdam: a mega bicycle parking lot…under water

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In Amsterdam, an underwater bicycle park with 7,000 spaces has just opened in front of the central station on January 26th.

This park improves the parking of bicycles near the Central Station and promotes intermodality. The open-air stalls on the square in front of the tracks had become insufficient and impracticable. In addition, two-wheeled vehicles abandoned to the elements and at the mercy of thieves were not sufficiently protected for long stops, such as those of commuters.

This car park is connected underground to the underground concourse and to Amsterdam Central Station, so travelers will soon be able to walk dry and without detours to and from public transport.

To access the car park, there are wide ramps and a conveyor belt that leads directly to the station. Parking is then free for the first 24 hours and then costs €1.35 for the additional 24 hours.

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