Amsterdam: a hotel has taken the place of a church! Sacrilege?

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Some places of worship no longer attract the faithful as in the past. Stéphane Bern works to restore magnificent buildings. Empty churches could be used to accommodate loyal customers. In Amsterdam, a design hotel has been created that inspires artists and tourists.

Saint Rita’s Church gave way to the Bunk Hotel

The Bunk Hotel in Amsterdam Noord is located in the former St. Rita’s Church, built in 1921. And still today, the organ pipes and stained glass windows are a reminder of the old church’s past. But where people used to beg on hard benches, now there are 106 rooms and 50 private sleeping cabins (like capsule hotels)

A restaurant and music…

The hotel also has a restaurant with large communal tables where designers, artists and musicians meet regularly to create together. The hosts even host free music and art events every month.

However, the Bunk is not the only church building in Amsterdam with a new purpose. As the magazine Stern reports, the “Ouden Kerk” now houses an art institute and a popular cultural center has been created in the former church “Our Lady of Perpetual Help”.

In a trendy neighborhood

The BUNK Hotel Amsterdam is located in the trendy and booming district of Amsterdam Noord. This trendy area is just five minutes by metro and ten minutes by bike (taking the Buiksloterweg ferry across the IJ river) from Central Station. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable place to stay close to downtown, then you’ve come to the right place.

In France, there are of course churches that have been transformed into hotels

We find some examples in France in an article in Le Monde

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