American Airlines pilots get 46% pay rise over four years

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The airline company American Airlines And the ALPA union (Allied Pilots Association) representing its pilots have come to an agreement on a contract increasing salaries by more than 46% and benefits over four years.

The APA, which represents 15,000 pilots of the American airline, said yesterday that 72.7% of pilots had voted in favor of the agreement, which will result in an immediate salary increase of more than 21%, and more than 46% for the duration of the contract between the two parties. “This is unprecedented and historic“, said Captain Ed Sicher, president of the APA, as quoted by Reuters yesterday.

For pilots, the biggest win is not only about wages, but also about work-life balance“, added Ed Sicher. Quality of life improvements account for almost 20% of the increased value of the new contract. For example, pilots will receive a bonus if the company reassigns them from a flight they have bid on or requested to fly.

Last month, United Airlines and ALPA signed a preliminary agreement for a new four-year contract providing for a cumulative increase of 34.5% to 40.2% for the pilots. And earlier this year, Delta Air Lines pilots also got a new contract with pay raises.

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