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Star Clippers is a Monegasque shipping company founded in 1991 by Mikael Krafft, a enthusiast of old sailing ships. His dream was to build replicas of the largest historic sailing ships for luxury cruises. He will achieve this during the reception of his first 2 sailboats, the Star Flyer as well as its twin, the Star Clipper. In 2000, a 5-masted sailboat, the Royal Clipper, will be added.

Star Clippers clearly goes against the grain of the cruise industry, which is putting more and more people on bigger and bigger boats. The size of its 3 sailboats allows it to access much smaller and unique ports. We wanted to know more!

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Airlines and (MTN): How many sailboats currently?

Star Clippers : Star Clippers has 3 sailboats

The Star Clipper and Star Flyer are the jewels of the company! As fast as the winds and as graceful as swans, they crisscross the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean and Central America.

These two twin boats welcome in their 83 cabins enthusiasts of the tradition and charm of the legendary era of sailing.

The Royal Clipper, inspired by the famous ship the Preussen inaugurated at the beginning of the 19th century, has the pride of being the largest five-masted sailboat with square sails in existence today since its legendary predecessor. With its 134 meters in length and 42 sails, the Royal Clipper is a majestic cruise ship that welcomes sea lovers in its 114 elegant and comfortable cabins.

MTN: How many passengers and how many cabins on board – and how many staff?

Star Clippers : Up to 166 passengers and 74 crew members for the Star Clipper and Star Flyer. For Royal Clipper, the maximum capacity is 227 passengers and 106 crew members

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MTN: What do you say to customers who have never sailed on a sailboat?

Star Clippers : These ships are aimed at people who often respond: no thanks, no cruise for us! They often compare cruising to large liners rather than our sailboats which are similar to Boutique Hotels in terms of personalized service and quality services.

Our human-sized sailboats offer an elegant and friendly setting, comfortable cabins, refined cuisine with à la carte service in the evening in the restaurant, a good wine list, water sports included, a varied excursion program (at an additional cost) , the intimate atmosphere of a private yacht and the discovery of exclusive destinations.

Everything on board is designed to allow our passengers to live a very dynamic experience by participating in shore excursions or the numerous entertainment and nautical activities offered on board or simply relaxing and lazing around. Sailing under sail, when the wind is favorable, is an exceptional moment, a return to basics.

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MTN: Star Clippers: what are the advantages of sailing on a sailboat rather than a ship?

Star Clippers : The charm of sailing

The pleasure of sailing is closely linked to the desire to recharge your batteries, slow down, take advantage of the time and let yourself be lulled by the sweetness of life. This form of travel, synonymous with slow travel, allows you to abandon yourself and disconnect during your vacation for greater well-being. A sailing cruise allows for a traditional experience combining modern luxury and comfort with old-world charm. Without forgetting an optimal connection with the elements and the sea.

Charming stopovers in confidential ports

Since sailboats are smaller, they can easily access exceptional, more cramped and secondary ports, which opens the doors to several destinations that are little exploited in the cruise sector. It is also an opportunity to enjoy visiting sumptuous and secret bays in a preserved marine environment.

Escape at the rendezvous

Make way for the dream! This type of cruise allows you to be as close as possible to nature in a completely different spirit from more classic cruises and to rediscover the world in another form.

Sailing aboard a sailboat recalls the authentic beauty of sailing in the past. Enjoy the sound of the sails following the sea wind, the snapping of the ropes on the masts, the possibility of visiting small paradise islets, the sunsets on the bow of the ship, the sound of the waves crashing on the hull, absolutely everything invites you to daydream.

Star Clippers – sailboat

Small capacity ships

Star Clippers has a fleet of three sailboats. The Star Flyer and Star Clipper (vessels with 4 masts) have a capacity of 166 passengers, while the Royal Clipper (5 masts) can accommodate up to 227 passengers. Each ship has a solarium on large teak decks, 2 or 3 swimming pools, an outdoor bar, a piano bar, a spa on board the Royal Clipper only, a dining room and water sports equipment available to customers.

Their size allows them to dock in small, confidential ports, in which large units cannot stop.

A combination of chic style and contemporary comfort

Meet with elegance and refinement. All cabins are comfortably furnished and decorated with noble materials such as copper, teak and mahogany and have a sea view (with the exception of a few interior cabins)

The interior of the sailboats immerses its passengers in a refined atmosphere whose luxury radiates through its classicism. Superb navy blue carpets with gold patterns blend with inlaid furniture, white walls and sparkling chandeliers. Sailboats reflect the pride of the golden age of sailing.

– A friendly atmosphere

Life on board is all about relaxation, like a private yacht. The sailboat is a tradition and sincere and warm values. A caring and personalized service as well as a limited capacity of people on board promotes well-being and relaxation while allowing conviviality and sharing between passengers and with the Captain, officers and crew members.

MTN: What are the disadvantages? language ? kitchen ?

Star Clippers : If the unique style of our sailing cruises has been well explained and sold in accordance with the clients’ aspirations, there is no downside. The cuisine is refined and we offer specialties in accordance with the destinations and a good wine list. We offer a single service without an assigned table, which gives customers the choice of choosing the time of lunch or dinner and the guests: one evening as a couple, the next day as a group with friends met on board.

Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style. Dinner is à la carte.

The international aspect of our cruises appeals to our customers, a source of encounters. Three languages ​​are spoken on board: English, French and German.

Star Clippers – sailboats

MTN: What % sold directly and by agencies – intermediaries

FIT (fully independent traveler) clientele:

Star Clippers : Travel agencies and Tour Operators play an essential and primordial role in our commercial strategy. We favor relationships with agencies.

MTN: the 2024 – 2025 routes?

Star Clippers : 2023-2025 destinations:

Winter :

The Caribbean from St. Martin and Barbados.

The Panama Canal from Balboa and Barbados.

Costa Rica and Panama from Puerto Caldera.


The Mediterranean from Rome, Venice, Cannes, Athens, Malaga, Malta and Lisbon.

Without forgetting the Great Transatlantic Crossings!

In winter 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 explore the wild beauty of Costa Rica aboard the Star Clipper or explore the Caribbean aboard the Star Flyer or the Royal Clipper.

In summer 2024, discover the picturesque ports of the Western and Eastern Mediterranean.

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