All the good news from the island of Aruba!

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After a 98% recovery last year compared to 2019, the Aruba Tourism Authority is proud of a successful restart of its tourism. All the festivals and events that Aruba is well known for will be celebrated again this year.

As a reminder … Aruba

Aruba is part of the Netherlands Antilles archipelago off the coast of South America. The island of Aruba is located in the Sea of Caribbean, 35 kilometers from the coast of Venezuela it is an ideal destination for sun worshipers, water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and culture vultures. Anyone who is tired of endless sandy beaches can explore the interior of the country with its flora and fauna or embark on a voyage of discovery into the colonial past. With excellent gastronomy, good infrastructure and a wide range of accommodation, the island can meet the highest demands. A Caribbean flair with Dutch influences creates a unique and absolutely safe holiday atmosphere in which young and old alike feel at home.

KLM marathon in Aruba – maybe we will see our friend Nicolas Brumelot there?

First item on the calendar of events: Carnival!

THE colorful parades continue through the streets of Aruba until the end of February and delight onlookers with colorful costumes, dancing, music and twinkling lights. There are also well-known classics like the Aruba Hi-Winds kite and windsurfing competition (May 17-23, 2023), the Soul Beach Music Festival (May 25-20, 2023), the KLM marathon (May 3 and June 4, 2023), Aruba I Thu Vow Renewal Ceremony (August 9, 2023), Aruba Art Fair (September 2023), Aruba Beach Tennis Championship (November 14-21, 2023) and Championships of the Functional Fitness World (November 2023) in the large event calendar. This is an opportunity to discover the Arubans.

Well-being, romance…

In addition to the constant improvement and expansion of accommodations, the focus in Aruba is on the segments of wellness, romance, families, cuisine, diving and water sports as well as exclusive experiences. This goes hand in hand with new products and offers that further enhance the customer experience. The latest addition to the wellness and sports offering is theQR-Fit fitness appthanks to which individual athletes do not have to do without exercise even on vacation.

Along a 2.5 kilometer route on Boulevard Malmok, 12 codes await you, behind which are hidden fitness exercises in three levels of difficulty. The workouts change every 24 hours, so you never get bored while exercising. Two other courses are to be followed during the year.

Sustainable development

Additionally, Aruba continues to expand its sustainability leadership. More recently, Aruba Airport was the first airport in the world to be Green Globe certified. Hotels are also striving to have greener hotel management, including waste management systems, rainwater and sewage treatment, reduction of single-use plastic and use of cleaning agents. biological cleaning.

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