Alexandria-Egypt: 2 Israeli tourists and an Egyptian guide shot dead by a police officer

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At least two Israeli tourists and an Egyptian guide were killed this Sunday by shooting by an Egyptian police officer in the northern city of Alexandria, in an action that coincides with the escalation of the war between Israel and Palestine .

The police officer, already arrested, fired “indiscriminately with his weapon against the group of Israeli tourists, causing the death of two Israeli tourists and injuring others,” according to Egyptian sources.

According to the source, the shooting took place in the Pompeo Column area, in the Al Mansheya neighborhood, in Alexandria, and was carried out by a member responsible for security in the area, whose details are currently unknown. reasons that led the police to shoot at the group of tourists.

This action against Israeli tourists is very unusual in the Arab country, which they visit regularly, particularly in the Sinai Peninsula, in the east of the country and on the border with Israel.

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