Albania, Tunisia, Sardinia, Portugal: 4 nearby destinations for May weekends

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This year, the month of May offers 4 possibilities to escape thanks to the 4 long weekends! This is the perfect opportunity to escape for a few days with friends or family in Tunisia, Portugal, Sardinia or Albania! Even in May, it is possible to travel the world and take your time in Club Lookéa, in Club Marmara or during a New Frontiers circuit offered by TUI France.

For a relaxing weekend by the beach on sand white… Head to Tunisian Saint-Tropez: Hammamet!

Fans of long relaxing weekends will be able to appreciate the tranquility of Hammamet. An ideal destination to enjoy the sun and put your feet in the water. To be tested for a moment of absolute gluttony, the à la carte restaurant of the Club Marmara Regency Hammamet, located on the edge of a magnificent beach and in the heart of a lush garden, while feeling the warm sand under your feet.

A relaxing getaway idea:

Club Marmara Regency Hammamet feet in the water – From 549€/pers – 8 days / 7 nights (Flight included, transfers included, all inclusive)

Sardinia will satisfy sports enthusiasts and nature lovers!

Sardinia is ideal for travelers who love outdoor sports and nature. The most athletic will be won over by the activities offered at Club Lookéa Sporting Sardinia: treasure hunt, ventriglisse, aquabike, field hockey… and excursions such as: discovery in the heart of deep Sardinia, visiting the island of Maddalena, or sailing in the Maddalena Archipelago. Sardinia will allow you to sip a cocktail in front of a magnificent beach after a sports session… A May weekend rich in emotions and adventure!

An idea of ​​escape: Club Lookéa Sporting Sardinia – From €589/pers – 8 days / 7 nights (Flight included, transfers included, all included)

Albania, ideal for lovers of history and great civilizations

Immerse yourself in a small country that has recently opened up to the world, it is possible in Albania. This country offers a rich history with its great Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Illyrian civilizations. Through these civilizations, history buffs will be able to discover a great diversity and sumptuous landscapes between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, mountains, lakes and plains. With friends, as a couple or as a family, Albania will enchant tourist visitors thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Byzantine and medieval art treasures in Berat and Girokastra or the archaeological site of Apollonia. , founded in the 6th century.

An idea of ​​cultural escape: New Frontiers road trip to secret Albania – From €681 incl. tax/pers (03/05/2023): 7 nights – possible departures every day in May.

An emblematic, cultural, poetic and festive destination typical in a single weekend? Welcome to Portugal!

For a stay with friends or lovers, Portugal remains unmissable. This destination brings together UNESCO World Heritage sites, famous Porto vineyards, typical festivals, and unmissable discoveries such as “Fátima” (the “Lourdes” of Portugal) and it is above all…a pleasant destination in all seasons! A captivating stay where meetings with the population will remain unforgettable thanks to the hospitality of the Portuguese population known to be warm and friendly.

An idea of ​​adventure: Road Trip New Frontiers: the essence of Portugal – From 856€ including tax/pers for a departure on 09/05/2023.

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