Through the interline arrangement, effective immediately, travellers can book single-ticket travel combining flights on both carriers and benefit from one-stop baggage check-in when they...

JetBlue Airways and Royal Air Maroc, the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Morocco, have launched an interline agreement to connect each other’s networks and bring new flight options to travelers between Africa and the Americas.

Through the interline arrangement, effective immediately, travelers can book single-ticket travel combining flights on both carriers and benefit from one-stop baggage check-in when they transfer between the airlines at New York JFK.

Tickets are available for sale through travel agencies and Royal Air Maroc’s reservations call center.

Boeing 767-300ER CN-RMS of Royal Air Maroc taxis towards its docking gate at New York JFK’s Terminal 1 after landing


JetBlue Airways is the largest domestic airline at New York JFK, where Royal Air Maroc offers daily non-stop service to its hub at Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport, Africa’s fourth-busiest airport.

Via Casablanca, travelers can connect onward to cities across the Maghreb and West Africa. The partnership opens up a number of new destinations previously unavailable through JetBlue or its other partners. New interline destinations include the Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

The interline agreement offers U.S.-bound travelers on Royal Air Maroc easy transfers at JFK to JetBlue destinations including Boston, Massachusetts; Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Austin and Houston, Texas; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and six cities in Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.

JetBlue Airways unveiled this special-liveried Airbus A320 on October 15, 2010. The aircraft, which is the first JetBlue Airways aircraft not to be painted blue, is painted green in honor of the National Football League professional sports team the New York Jets. The aircraft also bears a new co-branded New York State/JetBlue logo under its cockpit to mark the airline’s status as the official hometown airline of the state


Royal Air Maroc was founded in June 1957 and holds a major role in promoting Morocco abroad. During its 55 years of existence, Royal Air Maroc has continuously invested in fleet modernization and renewal and has grown tremendously in terms of both traffic and revenue.

It has consistently expanded its network by opening new routes across five continents as well as by increasing frequencies on its existing routes, in order to meet its customers’ needs better.

From its Casablanca hub, Royal Air Maroc operates 1,500 weekly flights to more than 70 destinations worldwide: 26 in Europe, 24 in Africa, four in the Middle East, three in North Africa, two in North America and 12 within Morocco.