Southwest Decorates Boeing 737s to Show that ‘Free Bags Fly Here’

by Staff on May 19, 2010

Southwest Airlines is taking its ‘Bags Fly Free’ advertising a step further by decorating more than 50 aircraft with decals bearing the slogan ‘Free Bags Fly Here’ along with an arrow pointing to the aircraft’s cargo hold.

The airline will also tag approximately 1,000 luggage carts across the system with banners that say “I Carry Free Bags.” Using its most visible assets, airplanes and ground support equipment, is another way Southwest is publicly reinforcing its commitment not to charge for Customers’ first two checked bags.

More than 50 of Southwest Airlines' Boeing 737s are being decorated with decals that reinforce the airline's 'Bags Fly Free' policy by emphasizing that 'Free Bags Fly Here'. in addition, about 1,000 of the airline's baggage carts will bear messages saying 'I Carry Free Bags'

To support the new extension of its messaging, on May 19 Southwest Airlines brought employees made famous from the airline’s recent television ad campaign to its headquarters for a photo shoot with the aircraft and airport equipment. The “Rampers” from the spot entitled “Battle Cry,” featuring ramp agents “revealing” Southwest’s Bags Fly Free policy, hammed it up for the cameras in Dallas and talked about how life has changed since the commercials have aired.

The Rampers also played an important role at the company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting today. At the meeting, Southwest Airlines’ Chairman, President, and CEO Gary Kelly asked the 11 Rampers to help him reiterate Southwest’s stance on its baggage policy — so all came up to the front of the room and bared their chests. Each Ramper bore a large, red-painted letter on his chest and, as the Rampers stood in a line, the letters on their chests spelled out ‘Bags Fly Free’.

After nearly 39 years of service, Southwest Airlines works to differentiate itself from other low-fare carriers by committing to offer a reliable product and exemplary customer service, as well as being a low-fare leader in every market it serves.

Southwest Airlines is the United States’ largest carrier in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded, currently serving 68 cities — soon to be 69, with the addition of Panama City Beach in Florida on May 23 — in 35 states. In addition, Southwest revealed on May 11 that in 2011 it would launch service to the state of South Carolina, with flights to the airports serving Charleston and Greenville-Spartanburg.

Based in Dallas, Southwest currently operates more than 3,300 flights a day and has nearly 35,000 employees systemwide.

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