Airline ticket prices in June: the rise is slowing in France

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In June 2023, the prices of plane tickets departing from France will increase by 7.1% on a year-on-year basis, all destinations combined, the increase lowest since March 2022. According to monthly IPTAP statistics from the DGACthe cumulative price increase for the first 6 months of the year is 18.1%.

From mainlandthe increase in air ticket prices last month is supported in particular by the domestic network, with an increase of 11.1%, while the international network registers a more moderate increase of 7.2% compared to June 2022 . On the indoor network, prices are up 15.5% on intra-metropolitan links, “with a much more pronounced increase on radial links compared to cross-links”. Towards the Overseas, the increase in prices is 12.3% “masking a contrasting situation, in particular between the most significant increases towards the West Indies and decreases towards Polynesia and Mayotte”. For the first time since the beginning of 2023, the rise in prices to overseas destinations is less significant than that recorded for intra-metropolitan links, underlines the DGAC.

Internationallythe rise in air ticket prices is easing and recording the weakest growth rate since March 2022, both in medium-haul (8.3%) and long-haul (8.7%). For the international network medium haul, the increase is mainly driven by the European Economic Area/Switzerland/United Kingdom (+11.9%) bundles. The Other Europe bundle is up slightly (+4%) while North Africa and the Levant shows a 4.4% drop “carried mainly by traditional airlines and the economy class”. The drop in fares to North Africa and the Levant is explained in particular by a favorable comparison between June 2023 (normalized competitive situation) compared to June 2022, a period which was subject to travel restrictions for certain markets.

The international network long-haul, the increase is, according to the DGAC, driven mainly by the Middle East (+10.3%), and North America (+7.3%) in June 2023. Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America “show the most contained changes” with respective increases of +5.1%, +2.9% and +0.9%. The increase in prices, however, marks a decline compared to the beginning of the year: the most significant falls concern the main markets of South America and North East Asia.

From all overseas departmentsthe increase in air ticket prices reached 11.1% in June, “i.e. a lower level than that observed in the Metropolitan-Overseas direction”. This trend remains “contrasted” depending on the departments: high for the West Indies (+15.9% in Guadeloupe and +16.3% in Martinique), more moderate for Guyana and Reunion (respectively +9.6% and +7 .2%), down for Mayotte (-2.3%), but also depending on the type of connection (significant increase for connections to mainland France, slight increase or even decline for intra-overseas departmental connections as well both in the West Indian basin and in the Indian Ocean).

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