The deal was announced by regional turboprop manufacturer ATR and NAC at the Paris Airshow on June 22. Including the options, ATR values NAC's...

Danish regional-aircraft leasing specialist Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) has signed a firm order for 10 ATR 72-600s, plus options for 10 additional aircraft.

The deal was announced by regional turboprop manufacturer ATR and NAC at the Paris Airshow on June 22. Including the options, ATR values NAC’s order at $450 million. This is NAC’s first order for any new ATR 600-series aircraft.

Privately owned NAC is the world’s largest turboprop-leasing company. It currently has a portfolio of 160 aircraft, including 91 ATRs.

The ATR 72-600 deal inked on June 22 will bring NAC’s ATR portfolio up to more than 100 aircraft, consolidating its position as the world’s largest lessor of ATRs. NAC introduced ATR aircraft into its fleet in 2003, with the purchase of an ATR 42.

As part of the type's certification test-flying, an ATR 72-600 takes off at Lugano-Agno Airport in southern Switzerland during steep-approach trials conducted using a glideslope angle of 6.65 degrees. The steep approach angle is required at Lugano-Agno Airport because of its location in a mountain valley

“This is a strategic purchase for us, as these new aircraft bring us the opportunity to continue developing our business and expanding our portfolio of aircraft,” says Martin Møller, chairman of NAC. “We continuously receive increasing demand for fuel-efficient aircraft with optimal economics.”

Adds Møller: “This new acquisition will also allow us to extend our portfolio of operators. Today it includes American Airlines, Lufthansa , US Airways, Flybe, SAS, TACA, Air Berlin , TRIP, and Air France affiliates. We are pleased to further consolidate the successful partnership we have established with ATR in the last eight years”.

Commenting on the NAC deal, Filippo Bagnato, chief executive officer of ATR, says: “Interest of leasing companies in the ATR product is substantially increasing in the last three years. In this period, the number of ATRs in operation belonging to lessors has doubled. Leasing companies can propose our aircraft to a long list of more than 170 ATR operators, while benefiting also from our extended support offer. Lessors’ increasing interest in the ATRs underlines the high reliability as well as the very strong residual values of our aircraft on the market.”

Nordic Aviation Capital was established in Denmark in 1990 and is headquartered in Billund , Denmark. NAC is dedicated to the worldwide sale, purchasing and financing of commercial turboprop and jet aircraft.

The company has regional offices in the United States, Ireland, Singapore, France, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, providing aircraft to established carriers such as American Airlines, US Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Flybe, TRIP Linhas Aeréas, Air Berlin, Taca and Air France affiliates.