After more than 30,000 votes by members of the public, Troy Bokosky's tailfin design was chosen from among the top five finalists in the...

JetBlue Airways has added a new, one-off tailfin color scheme which it calls ‘Building Blocks’ to its Airbus A320 fleet.

The new tailfin design is a one-of-a-kind livery designed by Troy Bokosky, a Long Beach airport operations staffer for JetBlue Airways.

After more than 30,000 votes by members of the public, Bokosky’s tailfin design was chosen from among the top five finalists in the airline’s Crewmember Tailfin Design Contest as part of JetBlue’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2010.  More information on the other contenders and the winning design can be found at

Named ‘Blue Kid in Town’, the Airbus A320 featuring the new tailfin design was unveiled to JetBlue employees, customers and guests on February 15 at Long Beach Airport.

The Airbus A320 bearing JetBlue Airways' new 'Building Blocks' tailfin color scheme, designed by Long Beach staffer Troy Bokosky, takes off for Long Beach and its welcoming ceremony

Bokosky and his father Doug, also a JetBlue airport and ground operations employee in Long Beach, boarded the aircraft in Roswell, New Mexico to fly home to Long Beach for the celebration and were greeted with a red carpet arrival. The A320 had been at Dean Baldwin Painting, LP, JetBlue’s paint services provider, to be repainted in the new tailfin color scheme.

“I am grateful that one of my tailfin designs was selected as the winner, and the fact that it was chosen as a finalist out of 300-plus entries is rewarding itself,” said Bokosky at the Long Beach welcome ceremony. “I attended Cal State University Long Beach and pursued a teaching credential in art and graphic design. I wanted to design something that worked with our existing tailfins and would look good as a tie with my uniform. Thank you to my Long Beach and Los Angeles colleagues, family and friends for the support of Building Blocks.”

“We’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to every crewmember that entered the contest and congratulations to all of the finalists,” Jim Hnat, executive vice president of corporate affairs and general counsel for JetBlue Airways, said at the ceremony. “The crewmember design contest was a collaborative effort shared between our crewmembers and our customers, and celebrates two of JetBlue’s core values: fun and passion. We are excited to unveil Building Blocks today, to remind us of our foundation for the future.”

Other one-of-a-kind liveries in JetBlue’s fleet include ‘I Heart Blue York,’ revealed last week and featuring JetBlue’s co-branded trademark with New York State’s iconic ‘I Love New York’ tourism campaign and logo; JetBlue’s 100th Airbus 320 “Blue 100”, which features a 100-themed tailfin; a unique 10-themed livery to signify the carrier’s entry into its second decade; and JetBlue’s two sports-themed aircraft, which promote the Real Salt Lake soccer team and the New York Jets.

Each of JetBlue’s remaining aircraft features one of nine tailfin designs. Repeated tailfin themes include Barcode, Blueberries, Bubbles, Dots, Harlequin, Mosaic, Plaid, Stripes and Windowpane.