In partnership with Empire State Development, JetBlue Airways has unveiled an Airbus A320 featuring the airline's co-branded trademark featuring New York State's 'I Love...

In partnership with Empire State Development (ESD), JetBlue Airways has unveiled an Airbus A320 featuring the airline’s co-branded trademark featuring New York State’s ‘I Love New York’ tourism campaign and logo.

The newly branded aircraft ‒ named “I Heart Blue York” ‒ was revealed to hundreds of employees at JetBlue’s home base at John F. Kennedy International Airport on February 8, 2011 by JetBlue Airways CEO Dave Barger.

“JetBlue’s ceremonial first flight from JFK to Buffalo more than 10 years ago focused on driving tourism and business and delivering the best value and service in the skies across the Empire State,” says Barger. “Today’s livery reminds us not only of our beginnings, but also of our future and our commitment to our home state as we begin a new decade of service to become Americas’ favorite airline. New York is at the heart of JetBlue and JetBlue is at the heart of New York.”

On February 8, 2011, JetBlue Airways unveiled an Airbus A320 with a special livery featuring JetBlue's co-branded trademark with New York State's 'I Love New York' tourism campaign and logo. This computer graphic image shows how the aircraft looks. The co-branded logo appears differently on each side of the tailfin

“JetBlue is an important economic engine for New York State,” says ESD Executive Director Peter Davidson. “In 2009, the tourism industry generated $46 billion in spending, which resulted in over $6 billion in state and local taxes and supported more than 660,000 jobs. JetBlue’s commitment to providing high quality, competitive airfares throughout New York helps to support continued economic growth in the state. In addition, the newly branded aircraft demonstrates the powerful marketing, sponsorship and branding opportunities created by the JetBlue and I Love New York partnership. Keep an eye out for co-marketing promotions, fare sales and ‘I Love New York’ content on JetBlue seatbacks.”

The airline is also showing short films to promote tourism for New York State on JetBlue’s in-flight seatback program in February. In partnership with ProMotion Pictures, New York State’s tourism campaign worked with teams of students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate School of Film to create the films.

This project had two goals: to support the arts in New York in recognition of the 50th anniversary of state funding for the arts and to create unique, branded entertainment for New York State tourism. To find out more and to view the films, visit

This computer graphic image shows how JetBlue Airways' New York co-branded Airbus A320 "I Heart Blue York" looks. The co-branded logo appears differently on each side of the tailfin. The aircraft was unveiled in its new livery on February 8, 2011

Designed in collaboration with the logo’s original creator, Milton Glaser, the JetBlue/New York co-branded trademark features a deliberate intersecting of the ‘I Love New York’ phrase and its famous red heart with the JetBlue logo. The logo is placed on both sides of the aircraft’s tailfin.

When viewing the aircraft from its left side, the JetBlue logo appears prominently with the red heart.  On the right side of the aircraft, the logo is rotated, showcasing the ‘I Love New York’ logo more prominently.

The aircraft is christened “I Heart Blue York,” with the name characteristically placed on the fuselage below the cockpit.  In keeping with JetBlue’s new fuselage design, the enlarged JetBlue logo on the aircraft is entirely dark blue and featured prominently on an all-white fuselage.