A full-scale flight deck demonstrator for the all-new Bombardier CSeries aircraft has made its world debut at the Dubai Air Show. Visitors to the...

A full-scale flight deck demonstrator for the all-new Bombardier CSeries aircraft has made its world debut at the Dubai Airshow.

Visitors to the Bombardier CSeries aircraft dome, situated at P1 at the Dubai Airshow site, will experience first-hand the most advanced flight deck demonstrator in the industry, according to the manufacturer.

“The all-new design of the CSeries aircraft flight deck benefits from the latest avionics technology and will set the new standard,” said Robert Dewar, vice president and general manager, CSeries for Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

This photograph of the Bombardier CSeries flight-deck demonstrator shows the pilot's head-up guidance system, as well as the radio-tuning, head-up guidance system data entry and navigation control controls positioned on the flight-deck glareshield

“The CSeries aircraft flight deck features a number of state-of-the-art communication and navigation aids, developed with the future in mind,” continued Dewar. “Our integrated design approach offers reduced costs through increased operational efficiency and reduced pilot training, while improving reliability. The result is a finely tuned human-machine interface, which the demonstrator allows visitors to experience.”

Added Dewar: “Step-by-step, the CSeries aircraft advances towards its first flight. The state-of-the-art flight deck demonstrator shows the progress we’re making. Resulting from a clean-sheet design, the CSeries aircraft flight deck leverages the full spectrum of Rockwell Collins and Bombardier’s avionic design heritage.”

As in a real aircraft, visitors can “board” the CSeries aircraft demonstrator, turn left to experience the flight deck or turn right to walk down the aisle of the cabin. The cabin features spacious seating, increased shoulder space, extra large windows and up-sized overhead storage, which Bombardier Aerospace says together deliver a new level of comfort in a single-aisle aircraft.

This photograph of the Bombardier CSeries flight-deck demonstrator shows the flight deck's high-resolution, 15.1-inch diagonal LCD displays and flight management system display

According to the manufacturer, the new flight deck technology is one of many factors that make the Bombardier CSeries the most advanced jetliner in the growing 100-to-149-seat market. The CSeries aircraft combines advanced materials and proven methods to meet commercial airline requirements in 2013 and beyond.

The integrated flight deck features high-resolution, 15.1-inch diagonal LCD displays, the industry’s largest, which are capable of enhanced and synthetic vision future upgrades. The flight management system display is based on a phase of flight approach, giving the flight crew improved access to information while reducing workload.

Graphical flight-planning functionality allows the crew to click on the map to search for information or modify the flight plan, permitting increased situational awareness. An intuitive graphical human-machine interface enhances operational efficiency, reduces pilot workload and pilot training costs.

Bombardier Aerospace says the new CSeries flight-deck demonstrator is the most advanced such demonstrator in the aviation industry

The CSeries’ MultiScan weather radar autonomously processes the entire block of atmosphere ahead of the aircraft and searches for the most significant weather information, without pilot intervention. The crew is alerted with a color change when the radar predicts wind shear, giving the crew plenty of time to take appropriate action.

According to the manufacturer, the CSeries’ glareshield radio-tuning is a feature unique to the aircraft and illustrates Bombardier’s focus on head-up flying. It allows critical tasks, such as frequency changes, head-up guidance system data entry, navigation control and support functions for the displays, to all be done from the glareshield.

Sidesticks allow the pilot to interface with the fly-by-wire control system, which provides simplified handling with flight-envelope protection.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion system offers extensive growth capabilities to meet all anticipated future air space requirements, as well as high reliability to meet the rigorous demands of commercial airline operations, according to Bombardier.